Your Moment of (Yoga) Zen


Judith Hanson Lasater received a senior teaching certificate from B.K.S. Iyengar and has been teaching yoga for 40 years.  She’s the author of 8 books, including A Year of Living Your Yoga:  Daily Practices to Shape Your Life.  This book provides daily guidance in practicing yoga physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s not solely about the physical aspect or poses; it’s about incorporating the principles of yoga into every day life.  There’s a short entry for each day of the year so that you can focus your mind on one thought or aspiration for the day.  I enjoy spending a few minutes with this book when I first wake in the morning or over a cup of tea.  Just giving myself those few minutes to read and ponder Lasater’s daily yoga practice helps me to focus on what’s important in life and helps keep me balanced for the day.

One of my favorite entries is from August 8:  “Trust means I have faith in my ability to survive and thrive.  We want to trust others, but we are afraid they will let us down.  Today instead of focusing on trusting others, remember that there is something bigger:  trust your ability to be okay even if things are not okay.”

Today’s entry is also worth repeating:  “The emotions of daily life are the stuff of our transformation.  Spend today observing your emotions:  irritation, boredom, anxiety.  Let them rise and fall and remember, you are not your feelings.  They offer you insight into yourself, that’s all.  Let them go.”

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