Six Weeks Way-In


I’m happy to report that my healthier eating has continued.  I’m trying to incorporate at least one fruit or vegetable in every meal.  Sure, that doesn’t sound so difficult, but you have to remember where I came from.  Just a few months ago, I went entire days–for days at a time–without fruits or veggies.  How, you ask?  Easier than you might think.  I’d have a bagel or pancakes for breakfast.  Lunch was often a southern-style chicken sandwich from the nutritional dumpster known as McDonald’s, or a chicken/rice/cheese burrito (with refried beans and sour cream, natch).  My afternoon snack might be a cupcake or cookies.  Finally, I’d finish off the day with a cheesy pasta or greasy pizza, often followed by ice cream for dessert.  Yeah, I was competing for world’s youngest heart attack victim.

Fast forward to today and you’ll see that my meals are much different.  Breakfast is usually oatmeal or a fruit salad.  My snacks have included grapes, cherries, and bananas, occasionally paired with a Babybel cheese.  Lunch might be leftovers from the previous night’s dinner, a salad, or a sandwich of veggies piled on whole grain bread.  Dinner is often steamed or sautéed veggies along with brown rice, polenta, fish, or chicken.  And I’m not ready to quit!  That’s the most amazing thing to me.  I haven’t tossed in the kitchen towel and gone back to all-junk-food all-the-time.

My physical activity is kinda, well, not where it should be.  I’ve been trying to listen to my body rather than focus on numbers, i.e., I walk or jog as long as it feels manageable rather than focus on the time spent or miles walked.  I do some kind of physical activity at least 5 days a week, whether it’s yoga or walking/jogging.  That said, I think my body could take more cardio or strength-training.  I don’t think I’m spending enough time sweating and getting my heart rate up, and I’m doing virtually no strength-training unless you count a couple of yoga poses (plank pose, anyone?).  For this next week, I’m going to try jogging more or aerobics or something to get my heart really pumping.

I’m also going to try to avoid the scale.  Sigh.  It has far too much sway over my feelings and self-confidence.  And I know better.  I know better than to let a stupid scale, or a number, dictate my self-worth, but what can I say?  I’m an American woman and, unfortunately, weight = worth has been ingrained into my subconscious.  My feminist-college-self would kick my butt right about now.  So no more scale this week.  Or at least for a couple of days.  (I’m trying!)

Despite the emotional roller coaster that’s been riding my bathroom scale, I’m still maintaining a decent outlook on life.  I definitely had a few rough days in the last week and I was moody, but it didn’t sink to where I was a few months ago.  It wasn’t the high I was feeling a few weeks ago, either, but it’s all about achieving balance, right?

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