Guideline #5: Flower Power


Sometimes it’s difficult to stop, look, and appreciate what’s around you.  Sometimes what’s around you is a dreary cubicle.  Your space will feel so much more alive–and then you’ll feel more alive–if you just add a plant or two.

I recently started keeping fresh flowers in my home.  It seems like such a small change, but just two or three stems of flowers make a big difference.  I particularly like to place a small vase of flowers near my bed.  Seeing the flowers first thing in the morning and last thing at night really helps to calm me.

It’s a relatively cheap quick fix to spruce up your home.  (My local grocery store usually offers 3 bunches of flowers for $10.)  Plus, according to all the home decor magazines, it’s what all the cool kids are doing.  Seriously, have you ever noticed that every room in a home decor magazine has flowers in it?  There’s a reason.  Not only does it add color and texture, but it makes a mere space feel like a real place.

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