New Month, New Season, New You


This morning while practicing yoga, I had the thought that “the journey of a yogi begins with a single pose.”  This idea really applies to everything in life because everything worth doing starts with a single step, a single idea, just one move forward.

That single step forward can be a new beginning, whether you take the first class towards a degree in the field of your dreams, you send out the first application for a job in your dream locale, or you take the first step on a treadmill towards the body of your dreams.  Today is also a new beginning because it’s the first day of a new month and we’re just about in a new season as well.  Also, it’s a new beginning for lots of people headed back to school.

Are you thinking about taking a step forward toward your dreams?  With the new month and the new season, have you set new goals for yourself?  What are they?  What do you want to accomplish this month?

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  1. Although I eat pretty clean as it is, my goal is to eat even cleaner, i.e. skipping the McDonald’s meals I have every now and then or the Oh Henry bar I like to treat myself with. I’m tinkering on competing in a fitness show next summer (2012).

  2. OMG…a fitness show takes so much preparation and dedication, especially nearing the show date. You have to cut sugars, fruits, salts. You’re basically just allowed protein and veggies. On show day, you’re not even allowed water for fear of bloating. At some point you have to cut carbs out completely, then carb load right before the show. Does something to the muscles. Makes them more cut (I think). I have a lot to learn. Not sure that I can (or want) to do it. 🙂

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