Oh, No, She Didn’t!


Recently, a friend and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch at a nice restaurant.  My friend is a size 0 and a former dancer.  I am in the double digits and a former couch potato.  My friend ordered a big ‘ol hamburger.  I ordered a portabella & veggies panini with a side salad.

The server (not our waitress) approached the table with our dishes.  She held the panini in her left hand towards my friend and the burger in her right hand towards me.  She asked, “Who ordered the hamburger?”  I pointed at my friend who said “I did.”  The server looked surprised and uttered “Oh!” in a confused tone.

Uh, what?  Oh, no, she didn’t!  Yes, dear reader, she did.  Simply because I was the larger woman, the server assumed my fat a$$ was gonna be chomping down the big burger.  I could almost understand that, but it was the bewildered “oh!” that made me wince.  That morning I had been pleased with myself for losing 11 pounds, but that afternoon I was wondering if I was always going to be just another fat girl.

Have you had a moment like this?  How do you deal with negativity or people who made rude assumptions?

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