Guideline #6: Make Every Day A Spa Day


Life is short, so why not enjoy it more?  One of my top ways for relieving stress and enjoying the little things in life is Guideline #6:  Make every day a spa day.

Break out those hotel shampoos and fancy guest soaps you’ve been saving and use them for yourself.  Splurge on a couple of high-end bath products, like a new body scrub, or a luxurious new bathrobe or pajamas.  (Or go the cheap route like me–I found some nice products at my local Marshall’s.)  Light some candles, set your waterproof iPod speaker or shower radio to some soothing music, and take a bubble bath.  Vow to make the bathroom your private space–no interruptions, no rush, no thoughts about work or other stressors.  When you start thinking about a problem or stressor, remind yourself that there’s nothing you can do about it right that moment while you’re in the loo–few problems can be instantly solved while nekkid!–but some peace and quiet each day can help you focus later when you really need it.

Just my two cents.  How do you relax?  What little ways do you pamper yourself?

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  1. I purchased a CD through PartyLite called “Unwind” and I bought “Awaken Fire, Mantras for Agni Hotra” for my iPod. I have a podcast that I downloaded for free called “Whispers of the Dharma”. Love it. It helps calm my mind before I go to bed.

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