Guideline #7: Get Your A** Off The Sofa


Wouldn’t it be great if you could lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and increase your muscle tone by laying on the sofa all day?  Sure it would, but it ain’t gonna happen.  You’ve heard it before and I’m saying it again:  You can only get healthy by eating healthy and getting your a** off the sofa.

The Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) and the Mayo Clinic recommend that adults engage in at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense aerobic activity every week, plus some muscle-strengthening activity on 2 or more days of the week.  We’re not talking about running a marathon–more like brisk walking, riding a bike on flat terrain, or mowing the lawn (yes, that counts!).  And we’re not talking about working out several hours a day–150 minutes per week breaks down to less than 22 minutes per day!  Even a couch potato like me can handle huffing and puffing less than 22 minutes a day.

What does it take to get you off the sofa?  What kind of activity piqued your interest in exercise after a long absence?

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  1. Not much. Once I’m on the couch, I stay on the couch. LOL Kidding. Um…I wouldn’t say that any particular activity piques my interest but I would say it’s more motivation that will get me up from the sofa and do something,

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