Eight Weeks Way-In


I’m eight weeks way into my new healthy lifestyle.  The past week has felt a bit bumpy.  I made strides in my jogging (sorry, pun intended) by successfully running three entire laps on Friday without passing out, but I couldn’t repeat the performance on my next jog on Sunday.  My weight dipped in the middle of the week, but by today I was right back where I started last Monday.  I have the nagging feeling that I should be doing more strength training, or spending more time on cardio, but it hasn’t really happened.  Maybe I need to find another activity to add to yoga and walking/jogging.  Any suggestions?

The good news is that I still feel good, emotionally and physically, and I’m still eating a pretty healthy diet.  In fact, incorporating fruits and vegetables in every meal and most snacks has almost become second nature to me now.  And once, I thought I spied that elusive creature known as a “muscle” lurking in my calf.  It’s an endangered species, but I’ll let you know if–when–I see it again!

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  1. Stumbled onto your blog by chance, and just wanted to wish you good luck! There are two things I’ve learned from my trainer that I think could help you. The first is that the best way to lose weight is to do cardio 3 times a week (at least 30 minutes) and strength-training 3 times a week. She says to alternate days and give yourself one day of rest.

    The second, and most important, is that losing weight slowly means losing weight for good. So don’t worry about having slow start! If you’re starting to feel and look better, but aren’t losing weight according to your scale, it could mean you’re building muscle and burning fat, which is a really good thing! The weight loss itself will come slowly, but it WILL come!

    Keep it up and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. Agreed w/ the above. I think most importantly is that you’re maintaining a positive outlook. A lot of people get discouraged when they don’t see a large drop on the scale. Some weeks the drop is larger than other weeks. Also, you’re enjoying your fresh foods (veggies and fruits), which is super important. If you keep that up, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll see a drop in the right direction.

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