Guideline #8: Don’t Let the Scales Unbalance You


I know, I know.  It seems like I’m the last person to talk about the bathroom scale, given my love/hate relationship with it.  (And the fact that I have, once or twice, flipped it the bird as I kicked it across the room.)  But I try to live by my guidelines, and Guideline #8 is:  Don’t let the scales unbalance you.

Leann Rimes

It is too easy to believe that our weight determines our worth.  As a woman, I am constantly bombarded with images of ridiculously skinny women (particularly celebrities) and articles about weight loss.  Lately I’ve been looking at the health and fitness magazines on store racks, and I’m very disappointed to see that a lot of these “fitness” magazines are merely advertising get-skinny-fast articles.  I believe fitness is a lot more than “losing 5 pounds in a week” or having a “beach ready body.”  Fitness isn’t just what your body lookslike, but also what you feel like.  You may be as skinny as Leann Rimes, but what is that worth if you’re miserable with yourself?  Fitness is also a lasting, lifelong condition.  Are you truly fit if you suddenly and drastically drop 20 pounds?  Or put half of that back on?

So, I try to achieve balance.  I still weigh myself because, for better or for worse, it is still an indicator of my fitness and health, but I constantly remind myself that it’s not the only indicator.  I balance my weight with my diet, exercise, and–most importantly–my emotions.  If I’m eating well, getting regular exercise, and feel even-keeled emotionally, then I know I’m doing well or, at least, doing the best I can.  As long as I stay balanced and keep trying, I will reach a healthy weight (not a skinny weight!) and I’ll be okay–even if my bathroom scale gets a little dented along the way.

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  1. very healthy mindset. health doesnt equate weight, but women especially hone in on the idea that it does. eating right and doing right by your body is the best thing you can do. i know some days/weeks im a little heavier than others, but i try to remind myself of the fact that even though im heavier, im healthier than a lot of folks my weight and lighter. keep going! 🙂

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