Trigger Happy


Trigger foods are those foods that you just can’t resist.  It’s nearly impossible for many people to merely nibble on their trigger foods–before they know it, they’ve gobbled until they’ve gorged on it.

My trigger food is more of a group.  I love bready carbs like croissants, pastries, muffins, biscuits, cookies, cake, and pasta.  The more processed, the better.  It’s been hard putting down the sugary white breads and picking up whole grain breads instead.  In the past two months, I haven’t had any spaghetti, linguine, or macaroni, nor have I indulged in biscuits, cake, or muffins.  I’m not gonna lie–I miss them like crazy.  But I know that I can’t eat a recommended serving of any of those goodies.  Stop at half a cup of pasta?  Me?  Are you kidding?

I cope by trying to eat three meals and two snacks a day, and make the most of them.  If I skip a meal or snack, then I’ll get super hungry and/or cranky, and then I’ll be more likely to stuff my face with whatever I can find as fast as I can get it.  I try to eat slowly and fill up on veggies and fruit, then I’ll be less likely to sneak in a cookie or piece of bread.

What are your trigger foods?  How do you keep from stuffing yourself with them?

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