No Free Lunch


Are you willing to spend more money to purchase better quality food?  Do you find a difference in quality of food at organic/health stores (i.e., Whole Foods) versus your local chain grocery store (i.e., Pathmark, ShopRite, Kroger, Ralph’s, Safeway)?


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  1. I have begun to focus more on quality, choosing to get (mostly) organic fruits and vegetables. I do still shop at local/chain grocery stores, however, since they usually have better prices and still have healthy and organic options. I will go to WF to stock up on hard to find items and their bulk section. Staying on a budget is really important to me as a student, which is one of the reasons I became vegetarian. Not spending money on meat gives me more leeway to pay for better quality fruits and veggies!

  2. Agreed with some of the above. I shop at major chains and I frequent a select few organic, specialty grocery stores. Just last night I was making Sheppard’s Pie. I had purchased a pkg of lean ground beef at one of the smaller stores. The price tag was a little over $8 (something like $8.57). Hubby noticed the pkg on the counter and I was watching to see what he would do. He raised his eyebrow at the price and looked at me. Yes, $8 is a lot for a pkg of ground beef; HOWEVER, a pkg of non-organic ground beef is about $6-7. So the way I see it is…it’s only about $2 more, which isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things. Now the chicken is a different story. It’s just too pricey for me and the portions are small (mind you…that’s a normal sized portion). I just can’t afford two small breasts for a family of four. I’d be looking at about $35 for four breasts. Not gonna happen when I can get it for $10-$12 at the larger chains. Veggies are pretty much priced the same, so I’m opting for organic. Fruits cost a bit more, so I try to buy organic options at the larger chains.

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