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A House Divided Cannot Eat


Hubby and I grew up in very different circumstances and in very different cultures.  Although I didn’t eat a particularly healthy diet as a kid, it did have some variety, including meats, veggies, and grains.  Hubby ate a lot of white rice as a kid.  He rarely had meat, and it was usually of the cheapest-questionable-cut variety.  As an adult, he still likes to eat a lot of white rice, and he uses every opportunity to eat meat.  The man loves a big steak, spicy sausage, and beef jerky.

This presents an interesting dilemma when we shop for groceries or cook, especially now that I’m eating a healthier diet.  I’m trying to avoid processed foods and most meat, and I’m trying to use whole grains and a whole lotta veggies.  When it’s my turn to cook, I go heavy on the veggies and often skip the meat.  Hubby will eyeball the plate I give him, douse it with sriracha sauce, and often sneak in a bit of meat if he can find some.  Although Hubby supports my lifestyle, he’s not really ready (or willing) to change how he cooks.  When he cooks, he usually stir fries a ton of meat and some mushrooms, and dumps the concoction over a giant pile of white rice.  Lots of food, not much color.

Do you encounter this in your household?  Are you a vegetarian living with a meathead, or a health nut living with a junk food junkie?  How do you and your housemates meet in the middle at dinnertime?